From the Hearth

There’s a reason everyone at the party always gathers in the kitchen. It’s about more than just the food. It’s about community and connection. We invite you to pull up a chair and stay awhile around our wood-burning oven as we share our craft and our stories with you. It’s like one big dinner party—and you don’t even have to clean the dishes at the end of the night.



If the gleaming bright-red heritage Berkel flywheel meat slicer on our countertop doesn’t say we’re serious about food, we don’t know what does. Watch us slice country ham and charcuterie to order as you peruse the chalkboard for our plates of the day. Our double-entry wood-fired oven is blazing from dawn ‘til dusk, stoked with different kinds of wood for subtle smokiness and maximum control over the cooking process, making us one of the best Charlotte restaurants in uptown. Feast your eyes on signature offerings like our slow-roasted whole lamb shoulder or Berkshire pork shank that we cook overnight—we’re in no rush. Or nourish your cravings with leafy greens, wholesome grains, and charcoal-grilled seafood and chops.



We’ve got an independent streak: We source our suds seasonally from dozens of local limited-production Charlotte breweries that brew less than 2 million barrels a year. Which of our 24 craft beers on tap will you try first? Each one’s precisely poured into the perfect glass for maximum enjoyment. Come cocktail time, art meets science during our daily bar ritual as we carefully concoct small-batch libations just a few liters at a time. Each premium drink is decanted into a canister, tapped, shaken, and garnished to order. Red, white, and bubbly are tapped in full or half pours so you can sample a few—now that’s the spirit.

chef chris coleman

Chris was born and raised in the northwest corner of Charlotte’s Mountain Island Lake community, and he spent his summers on his grandparents’ farm in Purvis, MS. There, he learned to appreciate the importance of local ingredients and fostering community. Faster than you can say one-Mississippi, he went from bussing tables at a local fish camp at age 14 to CPCC culinary grad. During his second semester, he landed an assistant job at McNinch House and became executive chef at 21. Chris developed and refined his cooking style for the next eight years there, branching out in 2012 to create The Market Kitchen pop-up dinner series featuring locally sourced Southern cuisine. He entered the hotel world in 2013 at The Dunhill Hotel and a year later, opened The Asbury there, a 40-seat farm-to-fork restaurant. Chris joined Charlotte Marriott City Center in 2016 as the director of culinary experience. When he’s not sharpening his knives, he’s at home with his wife, Ashley, and two kids, Luke and Ellie. Follow Chris on Instagram at @ChefCColeman.

Pleased to meet ya


Head of Eat and Drink

Todd Brinkman is our Head of Eat and Drink. Todd came to Stoke with over 20 years experience in Food and Beverage. Todd’s experience in restaurants began at a very early age. His father opened a restaurant when he was just a kid. Todd had always been in restaurants, but his true love for fine dining developed years later in his career when he saw the ability to create unique dining experiences for his guests. This began his journey into becoming a sommelier. Before Stoke, Todd served as the Lead Sommelier for the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, CA.


Restaurant Sales Activation Manager

Maritza is originally from New England, and is passionate about working with people. She has 8 years experience in variety of sales and marketing roles within the service industry. She received her degree from The Florida State University in Business Marketing. As the new Restaurant Sales Activation Manager, she looks forward to partnering with the city of Charlotte by activating Stoke with memorable events and unique experiences for the community.

Grab an Apron

If you’ve got the chops, we want to hear from you. Email us at to get cookin’.